With Hampton Horsewear, we make your horsewear uniquely yours.

With customization from Hampton Horsewear, you're only limited by your imagination!

Hampton Horsewear offers any and styles of embroidery.  We do not restrict you to a limited number of just letters or font styles - we will recreate your logo exactly as it appears in print.  We can offer just text for your custom embroidery items if you prefer, but unlike others, we have an unlimited selection of fonts and styles to make your item uniquely yours.

For logo re-creation all we need is an electronic file of your artwork or logo.  It's best to start with an Adobe .eps file but we can convert your logo from a .jpg image.  Just send us your logo and we'll take it from there.  For full logo embroidery, there is a digitizing fee for converting your logo for use in an embroidery machine, but once your logo is digitized, it can be used again indefinitely.  We also offer logo creation; if you don't have a logo for your training/show team/breeding operation then we will work with you to create a unique look that's just for you.

We use commercial embroidery professionals with years of experience.  We're very proud of the quality of embroidery that we offer our customers; we believe it's the best available. 

If you want your logo on your blankets, prices start at $1.00 per thousand stitches.  Of course, on the side of a blanket a thousand stitches does not go very far.  That is why we prefer to price your embroidery on a per-job basis, which allows us to offer discounts based on how complicated the embroidery design is as well as how many pieces are included in your order.   Please give us a call and let's discuss your special digitizing or embroidery needs. 

As always, we want to support breed clubs and horse show managers, so please contact us for very special discounts for show and year end award programs.

Click on the links below to see a few examples of our work.

Tammy Mills Show Team Jackets

Henderson County Fair 2009 Big D Grooming Totes  

Henderson County Fair 2009 Big D Grooming Totes with Winner

Henderson County Fair 2009 Big D Nylon Sheet with Winner

Melani Training Stable Big D Kodiak Quilted Blanket Side

Melani Training Stable Big Grand Prix Custom Arena Show Bag

Melani Training Stable Big D Grand Prix Custom Bridle Bag

Melani Training Big D Custom Embroidered Halter & Custom Braided Lead Rope    


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